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Client Testimonials

“I am happy to recommend Steven N. Taieb, Esquire for all of your Bankruptcy and Legal Services. Steven has helped us put our lives back together and he has allowed us to move on with our lives without any more harassing or threatening phone calls or fears. We are rebuilding our lives and Mr. Taieb has availed himself to us through this entire process. He has represented us in Court and he keeps fighting for us so that we can get back to a normal pressure free life.


Thank you Mr. Taieb and we look forward to our journey to happiness together. It’s great to know that we have you in our corner.
Respectfully Submitted.” – E. G.

“Stephen Taieb has represented my wife, Elizabeth and I, on a few occasions. The results were always positive and Stephen is very dedicated. I would highly recommend him.” – G. R. G.

“Thank you so much for all your assistance & making this process smooth from beginning to end.”– S. P.

“Thank you so much for the book. Just want to let the people know that there’s a way out of their finical dilemma. I was so backed up in debt that I didn’t know which way to turn. Thank God that a friend of mine told me about his situation. The rest is pure gold. Steven Taieb did such a wonderful job. He made the process for filing bankruptcy as easy 1,2,3. Give him a chance, you can’t go wrong. And his charge is very reasonable. Try him!!!” – L. B.

“Thank you so much for everything, I really learned a lot at this situation having a Chapter 13 experience in my life.” – W. D.

“Steven is very thorough and covers all the bases. He is very responsive and is always available to answer any question that I may have. I highly recommend Taieb Law to handle your bankruptcy case.” – J. N.

Thank God for Mr. Steven N Taieb for blocking my foreclosure that save my Husband’s house. He was very diligent in helping me.” – A. N.

“My mother was going through some financial hardship and was very stressed and very confused Steve provided guidance patience and understanding and compassion in helping her get things in order and corrected I would recommend Steve services and professionalism.”– R. B.

“On December 19, 2013 our lives were changed forever, my father had a massive heart attack it was fatal they will be no holiday celebration, funeral instead. My dad did not have life insurance, they were no longer be his added income, mom was asked to take an early retirement. Bills added up. It became a dark storm invaded my mom‘s life. Her beautiful home was being foreclosed on. More bills, what to do? Why was this happening? Then like a ray of light we found Steven N. Taieb, Esquire ‘s information and his book which will change our lives. My mom would be guided on how to fix this and like magic he, Taieb created a plan. Everything would be OK. During Covid times he also helped her more to reduce the debt I would recommend this kind & brilliant man to anyone in this situation he is fantastic able to help accommodate and help.” – M. T. S.