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Putting A Stop To Creditor Harassment

You are afraid to visit the mailbox. You are reluctant to answer the telephone. You are concerned about having to face those you owe money to in court. You can’t sleep at night. You worry about how you will take care of your family.

At Taieb Law, our founding attorney, Steven N. Taieb, understands the emotional roller coaster you experience when creditors are constantly harassing you, but you don’t have to put up with it. Filing for bankruptcy might be the solution for you.

Bankruptcy And Creditor Harassment

A bankruptcy filing can instantly put a halt to creditor activity until your bankruptcy matter is resolved. Creditors can no longer contact you directly. They cannot threaten legal action. And those late-night phone calls will come to an end.

Whether you choose to file for bankruptcy under Chapter 7 or 13 of the Bankruptcy Code, you need to make sure you do it right the first time. Failure to include a creditor’s name on the bankruptcy petition can mean you are still liable for the debt. It is crucial that you have an experienced and skilled bankruptcy attorney on your side.

Zealous Attorney Advocating On Your Behalf

As a board-certified consumer bankruptcy attorney, Steven Taieb will employ the appropriate resources and rely on his 37 years of experience to help you gain control of your financial issues and make educated decisions that are financially best for you.

At Taieb Law, we provide high-quality representation and personalized attention. You are our priority, and we will take the time to listen and address your questions and concerns to help mitigate any fears or anxiety you may have about your debt.

Take Control Of Your Debt And End Creditor Harassment

Tired of the endless calls at all hours of the day and constant stress about how you will resolve your debt? We can help you find a solution. Call Taieb Law for a free consultation at 856-600-0819 or send us a direct message through our online portal. We look forward to helping you put a stop to creditor harassment and achieve financial freedom.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.